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AutoCAD 2016 For Architectural Design

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AutoCAD 2016 For Architectural Design is a basic level tutorial which helps you to create 2D architectural drawings and 3D models. This book has many tutorials in which the author shows you to create architectural drawings and models using AutoCAD 2016. After completing this book, you will have good AutoCAD skills including:

•    Importing Hand-drawn floor plans
•    Creating Drawings in Layers
•    Creating Blocks 
•    Creating Dynamic Blocks
•    Working with Hatch patterns
•    Adding Dimensions and annotations
•    Creating Elevations
•    Printing Drawings
•    Creating 3D Model using 2D drawings
•    Locating the model on the map
•    Rendering Photorealistic images

Table of Contents

Part 1: Creating 2D Architectural Drawings
Starting AutoCAD 2016
Inserting Hand Sketches
Scaling the Hand Sketches
Saving the Document
Creating Layers
Creating Grid Lines
Creating Walls
Creating Doors and Windows
Creating Stairs
Creating the First Floor Plan
Creating the Sliding Doors
Creating the Balcony
Creating Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures
Adding Furniture Blocks
Adding Hatch Patterns and Text
Adding Text Labels
Creating Elevations
Hatching the Elevation Views
Adding Dimensions
Creating Grid Bubbles
Layouts and Title Block

Part 2: Creating 3D Architectural Model
Importing 2D Drawings
Creating 3D Walls
Create the Ceiling
Creating Doors on the Ground Floor
Creating 3D Windows
Creating 3D Stairs
Modeling the First Floor
Creating the Balcony
Creating Railing
Creating the Roof
Creating the Terrain surface

Part 3: Rendering
Adding Materials
Adding Cameras
Adding Lights

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